mix#023 | psycoded | skulls & bones

ZimmerMix023 – psycoded – skulls & bones
73minutes, 192kbps MP3, 100MB, techno

Mix023 – psycoded – skulls & bones (archive.org)

01. devils advocate
02. ydanneg – africana n2 (zimmer-records)
03. raul mezcolanza – manitol (antiritmo)
04. psychosonic- bassliner (unreleased)
05. tioneb – t4 (edensonic)
06. amer mutic & sead redzic – A1 (zimmer-records)
07. simmetune – mechanik (digital diamonds)
08. sascha müller – auto speed (deepx)
09. ydanneg – slut (zimmer-records)
10. he – ak (dobox)
11. tioneb – shaked (edensonic)
12. amer mutic & sead redzic – B1 (zimmer-records)
13. ronny pries – nockenwelle (rohformat)
14. ydanneg – cosinus (zimmer-records)
15. dj shiva deep freeze (heavy industries)
16. dj fm – iron lung (diggarama)
17. b.bommersheim – quantize – tadox remix (unreleased)
18. r.v.aggelen – second reflex – blackbelt dub (rohformat)
19. the bee – refreshing (darkaudio)
20. tadox – suger free (unreleased)
21. psycoded – american wargames – markus harzdorf remix (unreleased)
22. vadim lankov – very fine xp (zimmer-records)
23. krs one – 4th quarter – free throws

Skull and Bones is known for its secrecy. Mid-nineteenth century Yale enjoyed the presence of freshmen, sophomore and junior societies. Undergraduates then, with their fickled allegiances, would share the rites and practices of their class society upon elevation within the undergraduate ranks. When seniors departed campus, little verifiable information was left about the rites and practices of the senior or secret societies, particularly Bones, then Scroll and Key,and then Wolf’s Head. George W. Bush described his experience as “so secret we can’t talk about it.” When asked what it meant that he and Bush were both Bonesmen, former presidential candidate, and current U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry said, “Not much because it’s a secret”.//wikipedia