mix#021 | ulf kramer | 200g techno

ZimmerMix021 – Ulf Kramer – 200g techno
65minutes, 191kbps VBR MP3, 92MB, techno!

Mix021 – Ulf Kramer – 200g techno (archive.org)

01. x
02. Schraubenzieher – Rumpelstilzchen (unreleased)
03. veztax – Monster (Zimmer 031.6)
04. Dataman – abstrahism (stadt 002.3)
05. Schraubenzieher – brake your leg (unreleased)
06. Pacou – fortran (fud oo2.4)
07. Pacou – donna (fud oo4.1)
08. deadbone – nightmare (fud oo5.10)
09. msei – grooveboxer (Zimmer 025.6)
10. Patrick Reith – vip_party (Zimmer 015.6)
11. Patrick Reith – Imageberater (Zimmer 015.7)
12. Patrick Reith – Frau Fischer (Zimmer015.4)
13. Sascha Müller – juice (sauer oo1.2)
14. laptop_acid_experience – shotgun_in_the_mouth (sauer oo3.2)
15. paradroid – gyroscopic_robo_funk (SM 003.1)

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