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Andreas Florin - Falling

Zimmer-Ltd.006 Andreas Florin – Falling EP
43:32mins | mp3/wave | techno

#001 Andreas Florin – Falling – Original (06:42)
#002 Andreas Florin – Falling – Sebastian Groth remix (06:18)
#003 Andreas Florin – Falling – Bilro & Barbosa Remix (05:45)
#004 Andreas Florin – Falling – DestroyER Remix (06:41)
#005 Andreas Florin – Falling – Luis Ruiz Remix (05:49)
#006 Andreas Florin – Falling – Mattias Fridell Remix (05:41)
#007 Andreas Florin – Falling – Steve Pain Remix (06:34)

A sensation  of falling occurs when the labyrinth or vestibular apparatus, a system of fluid-filled passages in the inner ear, detects motion. This sensation usually occurs when the person involved is falling. The same system also detects rotary motion. A similar sensation of falling can be induced when the eyes detect rapid apparent motion with respect to the environment. This system enables us to keep our balance by signalling when a physical correction is necessary.

When a human is in free fall in an orbiting spacecraft, or in an aircraft in a steep dive, the sensation of falling is constant, and the sensation of there being an “up” and a “down” is missing or much attenuated. Some medical conditions, known as balance disorders, also induce the sensation of falling. //wikipedia

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