ltd004 | nick zero | old phrazes

Nick Zero - Old Phrazes

Zimmer-Ltd.004 Nick Zero – old phrazes
Chemnitz | Germany | 29:39mins | mp3/wave | trance | techno

#001 Nick Zero – feel me, touch me (12:38)
#002 Nick Zero – get some – new look mix (9:43)
#003 Nick Zero – dont look@me (7:18)

In music a phrase (Greek φράση, sentence, expression, see also strophe) is a section of music that is relatively self contained and coherent over a medium time scale. In common practice, phrases are often four and most often eight bars, or measures, long. A rough analogy between musical phrases and the linguistic phrase is often made, comparing the lowest phrase level to clauses and the highest to a complete sentence. Thus a phrase will end with a weaker or stronger cadence depending if it is an antecedent or consequent phrase, respectively. Metrically, Edward Cone analyses the “typical musical phrase” as consisting of an “initial downbeat, a period of motion, and a point of arrival marked by a cadential downbeat,” while Cooper and Meyer use only two or three pulse groups (strong-weak or strong-weak-weak) (DeLone et al. (Eds.), 1975, chap. 3).

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played by: aaron nimzowitsch, lenin, gaddafi and many more !

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