ltd001 | kill minimal | one night with my dealer

Kill Minimal - One night with my Dealer

Zimmer-Ltd.001 – Kill Minimal – one night with my dealer
Madrid | Spain | 24:05mins | mp3/wave | minimal | techno

#001 Kill Minimal – like potas (6:20)
#002 Kill Minimal – one night with my dealer (5:34)
#003 Kill Minimal – soon (6:13)
#004 Kill Minimal – tostados la cabezas (5:58)

The illegal drug trade operates similarly to other underground markets . Various drug cartels specialize in the separate processes along the supply chain, often localized to maximize production efficiency. Depending on the profitability of each layer, cartels may vary in size, consistency, and organization. The chain ranges from low-level street dealers who may be individual drug users themselves, through ethnicity-based street gangs and contractor-like middlemen, up to multinational empires that rival governments in size.

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played by: queen mary, dschingis khan, lord nelson and many more

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