#157 | g.m. | i-c-e-projekt

Zimmer157 – g.m. – i-c-e-projekt (Germany)
WAV, AIF, mp3, 320kbps, electronic, downbeat, minimal

157.1 – g.m. – sita-michael
157.2 – g.m. – katie
157.3 – g.m. – aranka
157.4 – g.m. – paul
157.5 – g.m.– adrian-nikolai

download & stream -> archive.org
download & stream -> sonicsquirrel.net

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download ZIP (AIFF | 228MB)
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Artwork (1500px)
[Frida Angelo]

All tracks are produced whilst travelling in intercity trains – between the year of 2017 and 2019, using a laptop and headphones. Each piece includes an audio recording, of the atmospheric sound, from the respective train in which it was produced.

The results went to different video artists. All of them individually received their single audio track, without any guidelines and without knowing the other tracks or videos. In consequence of this, five totally unique videos occurred.

check them out HERE