#120 | bebhionn laboratory | sensitive sound


Zimmer120 – Bebhionn Laboratory – Sensitive Sound (Spain)
WAV, FLAC, mp3, 320kbps, stereo, deep, minimal, techno

120.01 – Bebhionn Laboratory – Acoustic Reflex
120.02 – Bebhionn Laboratory – Startle Response
120.03 – Bebhionn Laboratory – Tensor Tympani

download & stream -> archive.org
download & stream -> sonicsquirrel.net

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Artwork (909px)
[design: jcbdrzr | photo: psycoded]

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“Man’s natural character is to imitate; that of the sensitive man is to resemble as closely as possible the person whom he loves. It is only by imitating the vices of others that I have earned my misfortunes.” (Marquis de Sade)

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