#118 | king imagine & illocanblo | bozal


Zimmer118 – King Imagine & illocanblo – Bozal (Ukraine/Russia)
WAV, FLAC, mp3, 320kbps, stereo, deep, dubtechno

118.01 – King Imagine & illocanblo – Ianma Calling
118.02 – King Imagine & illocanblo – Technogenic Dub
118.03 – King Imagine & illocanblo – Kol yaska
118.04 – King Imagine & illocanblo – Issyk Cool
118.05 – King Imagine & illocanblo – Silver Glass Buildings

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Bozal is a possible extinct Spanish-based creole language that may have been a mixture of Spanish and Congolese, with Portuguese influences. Attestation is insufficient to indicate whether Bozal Spanish was ever a single, coherent or stable language, or if the term merely referred to any idiolect of Spanish that included African elements.

Bozal Spanish was spoken by African slaves in Puerto Rico and Cuba and other areas of South and Central America from the 1600s up until its possible extinction at around 1850. Although Bozal Spanish is extinct as a language, its influence still exists. For instance, many Kongo words are found in the lexicon of the Puerto Rican dialect of Spanish. [wikipedia]