#105 | noosign | kept pressings

Zimmer105 - Noosign - Kept Pressings

Zimmer105 – Noosign – Kept Pressings (UK)
mp3, 320kbps, FLAC, stereo, ambient

105.01 – Noosign – Honest Agents Shrug
105.02 – Noosign – Lockstepped fracture
105.03 – Noosign – The sensation of Windmills
105.04 – Noosign – A deserted urban fold
105.05 – Noosign – The Disciplined Struggle

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[design: jcbdrzr | photo: psycoded]

Hot pressing is a high-pressure, low-strain-rate powder metallurgy process for forming of a powder or powder compact at a temperature high enough to induce sintering and creep processes. This is achieved by the simultaneous application of heat and pressure.

Hot pressing is mainly used to fabricate hard and brittle materials. One large use is in the consolidation of diamond-metal composite cutting tools and technical ceramics. The densification works through particle rearrangement and plastic flow at the particle contacts. The loose powder or the pre-compacted part is in most of the cases filled to a graphite mould that allows induction or resistance heating up to temperatures of typically 2,400 °C (4,350 °F). Pressures of up to 50 MPa (7,300 psi) can be applied.other great use is in the pressing of different types of polymers. [wikipedia]