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Zimmer080 – raszia – abductions

Zimmer080 – raszia – abductions (spain)
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080.01 – Raszia – Abducted 1
080.02 – Raszia – Abducted 2
080.03 – Raszia – Abducted 3
080.04 – Raszia – Abducted 4

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Eventually the abductors will return the abductees to terra firma, usually to exactly the same location and circumstances they were in prior to being taken. Usually, explicit memories of the abduction experience will not be present, and the abductee will realize they have experienced “missing time” upon checking a timepiece.

Sometimes the alleged abductors appear to make mistakes when returning their captives. Famed UFO researcher Budd Hopkins has joked about “the cosmic application of Murphy’s Law” in response to this observation. Hopkins has estimated that these “errors” accompany 4–5 percent of abduction reports. One type of common apparent mistake made by the abductors is failing to return the experiencer to the same spot that they were taken from initially. This can be as simple as a different room in the same house, or abductees can even find themselves outside and all the doors of the house are locked from the inside. //wikipedia