#076 | roberto ayensa | continue to follow

Zimmer076 – roberto ayensa – continue to follow

Zimmer076 – roberto ayensa – continue to follow (spain)
mp3, 320kbps, stereo, breaks, techno

076.01 – Roberto Ayensa – Dible
076.02 – Roberto Ayensa – EDF
076.03 – Roberto Ayensa – Gaba Hey
076.04 – Roberto Ayensa – R Dex

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[by nadrealizam]

I can say that if one ‘follows a light’, then this means that it is dark otherwise one could not see any light. Every thing else probably will not have *light* only that what is reflected when there *is light*. So if one really follows the *light* then there can’t be any ‘distraction’ unless one is not capable to distinguish what is *light* and what only reflects light. If there is a difficulty showing up, then the first thing would be, to question the appearance, to investigate and finding out about the true nature of what you are following and then you can decide and then it will show, if you are really interested to ‘follow the light’ or this is just an entertainment and ‘distraction’ among others…

have come to the ability to relate and respond to what ever shows up in my daily life, by being aware and very critical about the many games that are going on in this society and in people who follow all kind of goals. These goals are often or mostly mixed up and are followed parallel with each other, although one would think that they exclude each other, like being on a materialistic level and wanting possessions and worldly properties and on an other level following religious belief systems that deny these materialistic goals. Or one likes to be excited and follows entertainment and then mixing these with spiritual colored entertainment. Or one is pretending to help people in need and at the same time making money with it. So knowing all this and being critical, I can distinguish and make a clear decision in favor of the *light*. //BeiYin – via hubpages