#042 | v/a | hermetic principles part 2

“The principles of truth are seven; He who knows these, understandingly, possesses the magic key before whose touch all the doors of the temple fly open.” – The Kyballion

Zimmer042 - v/a - #2 the principle of correspondence

Zimmer042 – v/a – #2 the principle of correspondence
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042.01 – Creepy Candles – Wandered
042.02 – Elektronova – Doppelmord im Fahrradschlauch
042.03 – Sancho – Believe
042.04 – D.Ment – Row Your Goat
042.05 – Finegrind & Benson – Reflex
042.06 – Nick Robson – Staged
042.07 – Hermético – Boulevard
042.08 – Veztax – Brejkolacija
042.09 – Dessben – A Cuestas
042.10 – Strial – #3654-A
042.11 – Black Dominant – Ayahuasca
042.12 – Jerzz – U Gotta Get Mad

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[by nadrealizam]

This famous aphorism was created by Hermes. I have mentioned it many times in my books because it has such wide application. What this law means is that the thoughts and images that we hold in our conscious and subconscious mind will manifest its mirror likeness in our external circumstance. The outer world is a mirror of our inner world. If we hold thoughts of poverty we will have no money. If we hold thoughts and images of lack of good health, this will manifest within our physical bodies.

The thoughts and images we hold in our mind will attract their physical likeness to us in our external circumstance. This law works unceasingly for the good or the bad. By understanding this law we can use it for our benefit instead of our detriment. The most profound application of this law is seen in the life of Sathya Sai Baba. Whatever he thinks instantly manifests, even on a material level. He creates physical objects with the wave of his hand, and he says he does this by just thinking and imaging upon what he wants to create. This is the same law just speeded up. Earth is a school for practicing these laws of mind and spiritual control. Imagine what would happen if the average person on the street were manifesting his thoughts instantly as Sai Baba does. If he had a negative thought about someone at this level of vibration it might actually physically kill this person.

Imagine what all the negative thoughts and emotions would instantly do to one’s health. For most of us it is a good thing that things don’t manifest that quickly yet, or we would be in a lot of trouble. The higher we go in vibration and initiation, the quicker your manifestation of your thoughts will occur. That is why the spiritual path at these higher levels has been called the straight and narrow path, and is visualized like a pyramid that gets narrower as you move towards the apex. //Dr Joshua David Stone

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