#014 | po-len | ambience

Zimmer014 - po-len - ambience

Zimmer014 po-len – ambience EP (Spain)
mp3, 192kbps, stereo, ambient, downtempo

014.1 – po-len – tropiko
014.2 – po-len – muuouum
014.3 – po-len – viento del sur
014.4 – po-len – arena

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Artwork (666px)
[by nadrealizam]

The music is composed from samples and recordings of naturally occurring sounds. Sometimes these samples can be treated to make them more instrument-like. The samples may be arranged in repetitive ways to form a conventional musical structure or may be random and unfocused. Sometimes the sound is mixed with urban or “found” sounds. Examples include much of Biosphere’s Substrata, Mira Calix’s insect music and Chris Watson’s Weather Report. Some overlap occurs between organic ambient and nature inspired ambient. One of the first albums in the genre, Wendy Carlos’ Sonic Seasonings, combines sampled and synthesized nature sounds with ambient melodies and drones for a particularly relaxing effect. The album Second Nature by Bill Laswell, Tetsu Inoue, and Atom Heart is an ambient album that uses processed nature sounds, with reverb and echo to create a hypnotic environment. //wikipedia.com

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