mix#022 | dj l´embrouille | berlin

ZimmerMix022 – DJ L´embrouille – Berlin
64minutes, 192kbps MP3, 90MB, minimal techno

Mix022 – DJ L´embrouille – Netaudio Berlin (archive.org)

2007.09.[toni08].Elianto – Looking The Sea
2007.07.[unfound32].Spunky Brewster – rosa schwartz
2007.08.[slnz.a005].Patrick Di Stefano – UnaButa
2007.09.[arch032].Zhao – monochrome
2007.09.[unfound33].Greenbeam and Leon – distance
2007.09.[Clq09].Inea Saw – In Riu’
2007.08.[Miga20]. monoblock – mucho ruido y pok
2007.08.[IM003].Reflexno – El Gato
2007.08.[SX02].HD SUBSTANCE – Endoscopia
2007.09.[tisch20].v rotz – cachondeo
2007.07.[NU001].Tiza Manu – Bermejo
2007.09.[Tro43].Freddy Musri – Random Life (Alejandro Vivanco Mix)
2007.09.[MIRnet-003].Padice – Shroom
2007.08.[itanet026].Octave – Traffic Box
2007.09.[front005].Post Minimal Funk & Confucius – Trakshi Pero
2007.08.[stir020].Jeffrey S – Falling Breaking Down
2007.09.[SS04].The wolves outside – carrall
2007.09.[toni08].Elianto – Leave
2007.08.[itanet025].The Elriks – Local Hero

I woke up this morning. Big surprise. There is a day after. The first sound of the day was a croaking noise from somewhere out of the bundel of clothes in front of my bed. It seemed to bear a resemblance to the ringtone of my half destroyed mobile phone. Apparently the little speaker lost his balance and turned the melody into an experimental freaky crackeling cut-up tune. A legacy of the god of chaos which fingertipped our netaudio.saturday with a delightful smile. From the other side of the mirror it looked diabolical…