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Chris Ecker - Outer Space

Zimmer-Ltd.005 Chris Ecker – Outer Space EP
Austria | 19:23mins | mp3/wave | minimal | techno

#001 Chris Ecker – when they say hello (06:34)
#002 Chris Ecker – when they say hello – errol dix remix (06:19)
#003 Chris Ecker – when they say hello – mike absolom remix (06:30)

Hindu beliefs of endlessly repeated cycles of life have led to descriptions of multiple worlds in existence and their mutual contacts (Sanskrit word Sampark means ‘contact’ as in Mahasamparka = the great contact). According to Hindu scriptures, there are innumerable universes created by God to facilitate the fulfillment of the separated desires of innumerable living entities. However, the purpose of such creations is to bring back the deluded souls to correct understanding about the purpose of life. Aside from the innumerable universes which are material, there is also the unlimited spiritual world, where the purified living entities live with perfect conception about life and ultimate reality. //

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played by: ALF, obi wan kenobi and many more !!

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