ltd003 | kevin over | input output

Kevin Over - Input.Output

Zimmer-Ltd.003 – Kevin Over – input output
Oberhausen | Germany | 35:22mins | mp3/wave | minimal | techno

#001 Kevin Over – madness (6:10)
#002 Kevin Over – eckverbindung (4:41)
#003 Kevin Over – vibes (6:03)
#004 Kevin Over – schnitzeljagd (5:58)
#005 Kevin Over – alleys (5:57)
#006 Kevin Over – alright (6:33)

Input is the term denoting either an entrance or changes which are inserted into a system and which activate/modify a process. It is an abstract concept, used in the modeling, system(s) design and system(s) exploitation. It is usually connected with other terms, e.g., input field, input variable, input parameter, input value, input signal, input device and input file.

In human–computer interaction, output is information produced by the computer program and perceived by the user. The kinds of output the program makes, and the kinds of input the program accepts, define the user interface of the program. In this context, feedback and output are often used interchangeably. However, output tends to refer specifically to explicit output, something that is intentionally provided for the user, whereas feedback also encompasses byproducts of operation that happen to contain information (see low-key feedback).

In information processing, output is the process of transmitting information or the transmitted information itself. The output of one process may well form the input for another information processor. Essentially, output is any data leaving a computer system. This could be in the form of printed paper, audio, video. In the medical industry this might include CT scans or x-rays. Typically in computing, data is entered through various forms (input) into a computer, the data is often manipulated, and then information is presented to a human (output).

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played by: aleksandar the great, nostradamus, pope francis and many more!

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