#095 | structural form | new roads

Zimmer095 – Structural Form – New Roads

Zimmer095 – Structural Form – New Roads EP (Spain)
mp3, 320kbps, stereo, techno, breaks

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095.4 – Structural Form – Pack

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Artwork (909px)
[design: jcbdrzr | photo: psycoded]

When all is lost
New roads open
perception shifts
and the veil surlely lifts
to a view anew
for what is life but a stream and a rift
an open ocean on a skiff
the nutrient spiral
how we spill
out the days of our lives
hungry bees in clumsy hives
i can feel it from my bronchial branches to my roots
the tipping point between man and nature

we became less than human
when we treated sisters and brothers less
like people
and more like commodity
pieces of the economy
the fall impaled us on treason’s steeple
our detachment from everything real
is similar to a moral lobotomy
how does it feel
to live in the age of unreason

no more rhymes to the season
the great homeostasis debate
where we love to decreate
and regress under the facade of progress
and recreate sanity’s gait
Will we come together as communities
and stand up before its too late?
when all is lost
new roads open
but not always taken

my dreams are slightly shaken
by these visions of tomorrow
burning incisions of sorrow
of what apathy and consumption have done to us
the concrete jungle and the rat race’s fuss
transnational chain stores
nothing but plastic conversations
dirty economy exchanges
this new language of commerce
another of history’s crazy crazy pages

when all is lost
new roads open
perception shifts
awaiting the resistance
the sun again slowly sets

What, oh what, will become of tomorrow?
//fathom of adam