#013 | blurix | black ink

Zimmer013 - Blurix - Black Ink

Zimmer013 – Blurix – Black Ink (Croatia)
mp3, 192kbps, stereo, minimal, techno

013.1 – Blurix – black ink
013.2 – Blurix – handy-shop
013.3 – Blurix – i love techno 2006

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Artwork (666px)
[by nadrealizam]

Here & now..
It’s the wheel of fortune time these days.
You can never know what tomorrow may bring.
There’s only one thing we can try to rely on and that ONE thing is:
trust in each other..

Some will maybe think and say that there’s no real connection between these three little stories of this EP… Look closely, listen with your heart (not mind) open to the message this one is sending.. Each tracks` story for sure is “a story” but only combined together you get a full meaning or “the full picture”.

Anyway… I could share a part of this story with you by words. But that would be it – just “a part”, a slice of what there is for real.. So, I’m not going to waste any more of your precious time…Sit back, release your heart from the slavery of your mind and everyday’s troubles, and take a travel in this one.. Good luck & enjoy! //blurix